MileCatcher – Easier, Smarter and Faster Mileage Tracker


Going for a drive? If it has something to do with business, you might be able to get a deduction come tax-time or a reimbursement from your employer. Indeed, business owners and self-employed alike have long known the value of keeping track of their mileage. They’ve also known the hassles. Assuming you actually remember to manually log the details of each and every drive, it takes time to record the date, destination, miles traveled and all that. Plus, will that log be properly formatted for IRS and/or reimbursement purposes?

Apps to the rescue! Thanks to your phone’s built-in GPS, mileage-tracking apps can automatically detect when you go for a drive, then save and classify that drive. At the end of the year (or sooner, as needed), the app will crank out an IRS-friendly report, thus ensuring you receive all the mileage credit you’re entitled to. When the matter comes to claiming your expenses at work or your taxes and to do so, what you actually need, is to have a written proof. Well, as we all have our phones always with us wherever we go and can be the best way to track down our mileage and expenses whenever needed. Here is good news for all of you, we have discovered the ultimate mileage tracking app that will save your precious time and money.

The app is called MileCatcher, a well-designed and easy-to-use mileage tracking app available on both Android and iOS platform. It is brought to us by a dedicated developer team, MileCatcher, Inc., whose main purpose was to eliminate the hassle of keeping a mileage logbook and spend more quality time to do what really matters. Unlike any other app of this kind on the market, MileCatcher is easy, smart, and fast and offers more detailed info.MileCatcher 2

In order to have full access to the app’s features you have to download it from Google Play or from the App Store. Then simply tap and set the rules and let the app automatically classify your trips. You don’t even have to open it – it runs in the background and logs all the trips you take. A trip report is automatically generated minutes after you arrive at your destination, which tells you how many miles you drove, how long it took, the specific start and end addresses (unlike MileIQ), and the route you took to get there. Then, the next time you open the app, you classify the trip as either personal- or business-related.

Other included unique features of MileCatcher are the weekly and monthly detailer reports, file expenses while you’re on the road, accurate mileage estimates even if you loop zoomable maps and full address information, etc. ideal for anyone who drives using IRS tax rate and for anyone who gets reimbursement using a custom business rate, the app can is free for download and even offering monthly and annually subscriptions for premium features.