Cute & The Rope – Fun Casual Gaming App


With thousands of games and over a million apps on the market it can be hard to find quality games that are also casual and easy to play. Smartphones and tablets are very powerful these days with big Quad-HD screens and 4GB of RAM that delivers excellent graphics and amazing gameplay. Players also have a wide array of casual games to pick from that still have good visuals. We don’t list Candy Crush or typical games like that, and instead focus on those hidden gems or apps most don’t know about, but will love once they try them. Most casual iOS games are the ones you can pick up and play in seconds and are easy to play, fun when you have a few minutes to spare, but also somewhat challenging at the same time.

There’s a little of something for everyone here. Whether you want to play for a few minutes waiting for the bus, or check on a village or plants multiple times a day for months on end and build (or grow) an empire. There are far too many excellent games to list, but below we will review a gaming app that’s worth checking out. We’re happy to present to you the game that got us so addicted, we simply couldn’t get our hands off the phones. It is called Cute & The Rope, developed and designed by Andreas Wallner. This casual game is ideal for users at any age and can be found on the iOS platform.

We especially loved the graphics. They are colorful, eye-pleasing and well picked. Also, the sounds and sound effect can engage anyone even more. Now, let’s share some words about the gameplay. Cute & The Rope is easy to play and super simple. All you have to do is download it and press the “play” button. Your main goal is to feed the cute hungry cat by cutting the ropes. Cut them at the right places and move the candy to the cat, but try avoiding the spiders and the spikes that appear on your screen. To do this, you have to solve physics puzzles to move the ropes the right way. Put your brain to work and exercise your logical skills, play with gravity and win as many levels as you can.Cute & The Rope 2

Cute & The Rope features over 100 challenging and fun levels, many special items and an online leaderboard where you can check your scores. If you lose the game, restart and start all over again. There are unlimited lives and unlimited time, for your unlimited entertainment! Get it today, download it from the App Store and share it with your friends and family!