Crop-Size Precise Image Cropping and Resizing App on your iPhone


With the iPhone there are image editing options but not enough to really change your picture to any great detail. This is where Crop-Size comes in. The app for iPhone and iPad allows you to crop, resize, flip, rotate and do loads more with your images. Who knew you could do so much from your iPhone. Crop-Size seems to be a great tool for editing images and it doesn’t break the bank at only $0.99.

Crop-Size is pack with loads and loads of features and is great if you’re looking to improve your holiday photos. The app allows you to specific the exact dimensions of cropping and resizingcrop-size-1 your images. All photo filters can be applied simultaneously and many times during one image editing session.

To be honest, I was a little bit skeptical of the app but after using it I realise that it’s a really useful app. It’s easy to use and as soon as you open the app you are greeted with all your photos. Tap on any photo and at the bottom of the iPhone screen it will show you the format of the photo, JPEG or PNG. It also shows you the exact pixels and the size of the photo in Mb. Once you go into the editing section you are greeted with so much features, you can resize, crop, add effects, see photo metadata and export. Tap left/right side of active area to undo/redo changes. Also, long press to view undo/redo list. In the export section you can change the image format to either PNG, JPEG or TIFF. You can also adjust the image quality and then share your complete image to wherever or whoever you want.

The tips that pops up make Crop-Size even easier to use. It can be very helpful with all the hints. The app cost $0.99, a small price to pay with the plethora of features available. If you run a blog and looking to make images to exact size then Crop-Size is also for you.