noScroll – The App We Have All Been Waiting For


Any picture you take or import from your PC or Mac immediately gets stored to your phone library. And anyone can see them there–which can become really embarrassing. Fortunately, there are some cool apps that hide pictures on your iPhone. Pictures can be hidden by password-protecting them, hiding them behind a calculator, or locking them. Most of these apps create a special hidden folder, to which you can transfer your personal pictures.

There’s a good chance you have at least a few files on your mobile device that are private and you’d like to keep from others seeing. But, some of you may be wondering how do you ensure that people won’t see these private files? There is a huge list of apps which provide users with a way to use a digital vault to their advantage and lock away whatever they want. You’ll find a list of security measures, intruder monitoring tools, and so much more to give you peace of mind.

Another big hassle of using a smartphone and having a gallery full of photos is to find a particular one that you need at a given moment. You have to scroll through each album and through all of your photos in order to find one photo. If you want to avoid all of this that we’ve mentioned above, we have the perfect solution for you.

We’re talking about an app called noScroll. It is relatively new on the iOS platform, requires iOS 8.0 or later and it is designed for both iPhone and iPad. Thanks to the developer Munro Grant and his team, now we have an app that we’ve all been waiting for. With smooth and neat user interface and great graphics, this is one of the most useful and most cost-effective apps for the iOS users.noScroll 2

In order to have full access to the app’s features, you only have to download and install it. Then, you have to set up your own password or TouchID and have a peace of mind. noScroll lets you show one or multiple photos to your friends and family members that you have previously picked, while keeping the privacy of your photo gallery. It is perfect for grouping a few photos in one place, without the struggle of swiping through all the photos in between.

Stop constantly looking over somebody’s shoulder to make sure they’re only looking at the one photo you wanted to show them, have a no-swipe photo app in the palm of your hands by downloading noScroll for only $1.99 from the App Store.