Review: 3volve is a Simple, Addictive and Fun Puzzle Game

3volve-iconSometimes you just want a game to kill time on the boring train journey to work. A game that is addictive and needs your attention, not so much that you miss your stop but one that you can have fun playing. I’m a huge fan of puzzle games, especially the ones that are simple but challenging. 3volve is just the app for that.

The simple part of the game is combining 3 matching icons in one or more moves allowing you to progress to the next phase. The challenge is to stop the board from filling up. If it does, there are no more moves available, you will have the option to use a Mega Merge to combine all existing matches on the game board to free up space and keep the game alive.3volve

3volve is pretty much a pick up and go game. Once you start a game, you will be greeted with the game board. To play, you will have to swipe to merge matching tiles. You can swipe horizontally or diagonally to get matches. Merging 3 matching tiles make you evolve. You can also merge 3 matching tiles in two swipes to get higher points. You will be given 5 Mega Merges to begin with if these run out you can purchase more or they can be found as bonuses on what game call the Wheel of Chance. Wheel of Chance appears when you merge four tiles in a row. During the gameplay there is a “super evolve counter” you fill this up with each set of tiles you merge. Once it fills to 100% it upgrades all of the tiles on the game board.

The app is free to download, however, Mega Merges start from $0.99 and goes up to $3.99. I have managed to get to phase 10 without having to use any of the Mega Merges provided for free. You can really play 3volve for a length of time without having to purchase anything. Try it out and see what you think.