Find Entertaining Events, Cool and Fun People and Connect via Mutual Interests with Chaxter

Chaxter logoCool local hangouts and events as an undercover tourist or normal citizen can be difficult, especially when you know no one in the area or you know the area well but you are not satisfied with the events offerings. Looking to bridge that gap, the app we are going to present today – Chaxter will make finding the best events in your destination city as easy as a free download and quick click. Not only that, Chaxter is great for finding people according to interests, sharing your passion and interests and chatting with other users.

How to Start Using It

The sign up process is really easy. You can fill in the application forms or sign up with your Facebook profile. Then you’ll need to select your interests and connect with people related to those interests. You are then ready to use Chaxter.

Managing Your Profile

Managing your profile is the basic option you will have on Chaxter. You can add interests, see what you’ve shared and add basic info that other users can see. You can see your friends, control the notifications, edit the profile and search anything within this tab.

NewsFeed Feature

The NewsFeed is where all the action happens. You can see what your friends are sharing, send some hearts or comment. This is the social networking aspect of Chaxter that is smoothly created and implemented in the whole concept.Chaxter3

Events Feature

The Events features is at the core of the app. There are tons of upcoming events included and you can see them on the map or on a detailed list. You can see the name of the event, time, date, location and short description. The cool thing is that you can create an event yourself if you own a business, or you are a part of some organization.

Network Feature

The network feature is where you find users to interact and network with. You can easily chat to any Chaxter that is online and who has made his profile available to chat. You can see the person’s location and interests before you start chatting. This means that you can easily make new friends and meet people based on their interests.

Chat Feature

You can chat with any user of the app in a neat and fast chat box. You can also easily make yourself available/unavailable at any moment.

Final Thoughts

The app is a great example of a social networking and events app. It works perfectly well, it is intuitive and there are tons of users and events to choose from. It can definitely serve you as an event finder and app that will help you meet people according to interests. The app is totally free!