5 Gadget Gifts For Fellow Students

Students love gifts. Anything they can get for free, they will definitely appreciate. Students also love gadgets, whatever course they’re on. If you want to get on your fellow students’ good side, it makes sense that the perfect thing to do is get them a gadget gift. But what to get? Technology is advancing at a sometimes frightening pace and it sometimes gets hard to keep track, even if you’re a tuned-in student. So here’s a handy rundown of some useful gadgets that might endear you to your fellow scholars; they’re all relatively cheap too, because we understand.

1 – Rechargeable Battery

Students’ phones are always running out of power. So make sure they always have the option to refill by gifting them a handy rechargeable battery. Just be sure to remind them that the rechargeable battery itself isn’t limitless; and you also need to charge those now and again.

2 – Mini Bluetooth Speakers

Much more portable than a full on hi-fi system, mini Bluetooth speakers are practical and surprisingly powerful; AND they of course sync up to your phone, meaning that you can blast your favourite Spotify playlists through them.

3 – Bluetooth Coffee Maker

Students, as well as loving gifts, also love coffee. Straight black is they’re artistic, matcha latte if they’re a business major and espresso if they’re event management. They all love it. Keeping on the Bluetooth theme, here’s coffee your student friend can make from your bed; on their phone. Bluetooth is the way of the future, and knowing how many students pull all nighters, this is one gadget they’re going to really thank you for. Also, if you’re feeling really generous, you can direct them towards somewhere that’ll write their essays for them – I wish I’d had something for my custom writing when I was a student.

4 – Heated Travel Mug

So, they’ve made their coffee from bed, but now, they’re running late to class. So what now? Well, you’ve got to drink it on the move, of course. A heated hug will go a long way; and also has the novelty benefit of plugging straight into your laptop USB! Students work everything off their laptop, so they’ll love this added accessory.

5 – External Harddrive

Not very creative, but very practical; whatever the course they’re doing, students need digital space. Your friend might not be overly impressed with the gift at first glance; but by the time their finals roll around and all their stuff is safely secured, they’ll be practically canonising you.

Patrick Ryan
A professional film director and iPhone enthusiast, Patrick is rarely away from a screen. Follow his work and get updates about his latest movies at https://www.lagoonpictures.com/