RangePRO Golf – The Best iPhone For Your Golf Course


If you’re a golf player with a brand new iPhone device, chances are you’ve probably looked for apps that will help you enjoy the game more. Trying to get your iPhone to work on the golf course is a great idea, but searching for that one great app that fits with your needs takes a lot of time and research. Thankfully we have a solution that we consider everyone out there will have a chance to enjoy.

The app that we will be talking about today has a great array of features under its belt. The name of the app is RangePRO Golf, and it is everything that you will ever expect to need out of a modern golf course app. It is a free to download app available for iPhone users, developed and updated by the people over at RangePRO Golf LLC.

What RangePRO Golf Offers

The RangePRO Golf app’s greatest feature incorporates the newest of Google Maps technologies in order to give you a clear and precise Aerial View of your current golf course, wherever in the world it might be. It uses GPS to track your location and give you visual information about your surroundings. You can press anywhere on your screen, and the app will tell you the exact distance between you and the point, in either feet or meters depending on your choice.

Other useful features that the app has are things like: sunrise and sunset timers for your current world location, wind speed and direction, current daily weather information, as well as humidity and temperature information. All of the information can be customized to give out information in any chosen format, like for example Fahrenheit or Celsius for temperature.

Interface Design and Layout

When it comes to user interface and design, the app has a very minimalistic approach when it comes to icon and font clutter. This helps your phone use very little battery power when using the app. All feaures and information is delivered in a perfectly intuitive way, so that you don’t need to spend a lot of time figuring out basic information.free-golf-gps-2

Final Thoughts

The RangePRO Golf app is an excellent compilation of all the most needed golf features that is to be expected from this type of app, all carefully brought together into one easy to use and enjoyable app. The high usability factor associated with this app is sure enough to reel in even the most traditional golfer out there to at least give it a shot. We think that this is definitely the best golf course app out there available for iPhone users.

If you are interested in learning more about the app, or just want to download it, you can find the app for free on the App Store.