Fluxed – Fun & Casual Gaming


Games are maybe the best things that can entertain us for hours. In this era of smartphones we’re living in, the development of game apps has increased and got on a much higher level. There are many types of games available on the iOS platform, but most of them are either too violent or too engaging.

Casual games can be exciting and we’re sure you can agree with that. Most of our staff members will gladly play a casual game on their devices rather than some pumped up action game. Games which involve flying cars, lasers, explosions, high speed collisions and impossible driving lines, action, fighting, war games, etc. are simply not for us. The emphasis of a good gaming app should be on the gameplay itself, not on distraction. And you know it’s true, most of the games on the market can really be distracting with all of those pumped up features and graphics.

If you agree with us then you will certainly love the game that we’re about to review. It is called Fluxed, a casual gaming experience for all iPhone and iPad users. Although there are many picks on the App Store, we’ve chosen this one because of its atmospheric design, with shining in game lightning and interesting music and sound effects. The developer, Richard Hartley, kept the focus on the gameplay itself and made it suitable for both children and adults.

When you download the Fluxed game and start playing it, you will be hooked up immediately – it has that effect on every user. Although the gameplay is simple, it offers hours of fun and huge challenges. Something like “easy to play but hard to master”. Your main goal is to maintain your Flux Ball in flight and avoid being fluxed. You can be fluxed by one of the upcoming obstacles on your way, so watch out. Tap on your display in order to avoid the flying objects on your way and try to make higher scores. If you get farther, you will get them for sure!fluxed-1

Fluxed is connected to the Game Center which means you will be able to check your scores on an online leaderboard and compete with players from all around the globe. Share it on your social media platforms, share it with your friends and family and prepare yourselves for the ultimate casual gaming experience. Download it for free from the App Store!