PersonalityMatch – Discover Who You Have The Most in Common With

personalThere are times in our lives when we stumble across a friend, associate or work companion and just find, that whatever we do, we just can’t go on with them. They seem to be a person we don’t get along with and we are stumped when trying to discover the reason why.

Adversely, there are folk around that are so easy to get on with you discover a relaxed atmosphere and warm feeling around them, despite only meeting that person a few minutes earlier. How is it that we can be so relaxed and calm and at ease with a virtual stranger, yet sometimes a person you have known for years is like an uncomfortable stranger?

It is all to do with a lack of personality compatibility. You two just don’t get on or you will befriend like chums of decades-long companionship. But apart from our feelings towards these people, how can we actually tell if there is a personality clash or a match?

The PersonalityMatch app can tell you by means of a clever percentage match reading just how closely matched you are to personalitymatch-1another person. Both, of course, will need to take the test. We did this first, then invited others to take part in the same test to get the matched results. You can get as many people on board as you want and the final matched results are then displayed in a chart format, listing the top matched personalities first, and the lower ranked people at the bottom.

PersonalityMatch will also reveal ways you can improve your relationship with a person, who let’s say got a very low score against you. This could even be your significant other! You may even be quite surprised to learn some of your family members, for example, are not as well matched as you would have expected them to be.

The personality test is simple to complete (and free) and is based on the tests and findings of some top level psychologists. The theories of Karl Jung are also unravelled and taken into account when the test is carried out.

Looking for a new job? Do you want to discover a new career path? This app also matches you to a specific job or career path. It can tell you whether you are suited for that opportunity, or not.