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Everyone knows students need as much help as possible to function. I’m not even talking about work or college; I’m just talking about existing in general. All the stereotypes are true; they don’t eat enough, don’t sleep enough, drink far too much caffeine and alcohol, and even indulge in the odd narcotic or seventeen. Occasionally they just need to wave the white flag and head home to their parents to get square meal and a tetanus shot. Which is fine for their well being, but who’s going to help the students with their schoolwork? There’s no parental support system available there. But luckily, help is most definitely available in the form of EssayShark, out now for iOS and Android.

Essentially, EssayShark was invented to help students navigate the tricky world of essays, and, more specifically, delivering essays on time. You know how deadlines can just creep up on you; you suddenly remember that pressing deadline is tomorrow, but you really want to go to that party tonight, and oh, life is just so unfair. That’s where you whip out your mobile and give EssayShark a whirl. It uses the collective power of over a four hundred writers from all over the world, any day of the year, 24/7 to give you the essay you need, when you need it.

Launched in 2009 and already a successful desktop website, the app version comes with all the same mechanics of the original, and is pretty easy to navigate. Basically, you log in and fill out an order form, specifying all the details of the assignment at hand. In good time, and certainly before the deadline, you’ll get your essay back, ready to hand in, signed, sealed and delivered. You pay a fee (starting from $7.50 per page), dependent on length and timeline, and presto, instant grades for minimal work. And don’t worry; you only pay after you see the completed work.

Certainly this must sound attractive to many students, and it certainly is to some degree. The problems come when you bring human error and subjectiveness into the equation. EssayShark utilises a number of writers, and obviously, while all are professional, it stands to reason that all of them aren’t of the same standard. If you get a great writer, then you’ve essentially got a great deal; if you land a not-so-good writer, you’re going to have to put in a lot of work to check it back yourself, or send it back for a costly rewrite. However, the app mitigates this danger by providing a free text-based preview of the paper that you can review before you order; so all good there.

Presumably EssayShark screens all its writers and strives to get the best possible results for its customers. This has lead to some great feedback and a very high user rating for the app, and justly so; it’s a simple, safe service that will no doubt sound like a lifesaver to many students. Ultimately, it’s well worth keeping the EssayShark on your mobile; you never know when one of those terrifying deadlines will creep up on you….

Swim on over the App Store or Google Play and get chomping down on EssayShark for free today!

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