Match 3 Go – Crazy Addictive Match 3 Game


The match-3 puzzle genre requires no introduction as it has captured the imagination of avid mobile game lovers throughout the globe. These are essentially casual puzzle games where the player is tasked with forming a sequence of 3 or more identical elements. Usually the game board is in the pattern of a square and is occupied by a variety of tiles that you can choose and move around to achieve the objective. The success of this genre is primarily due to its simplicity and flexibility. These factors render the match-3 puzzle games quite addictive keeping multitudes of casual mobile game players captivated.

In a mobile world dominated by so many different kinds of iPhone & iPad games, the match-3 puzzle games definitely belong to a world of their own. In fact if you search for “match-3” games in the iTunes App Store, you will be bombarded with over 2000 results. Due to the immense popularity enjoyed by this genre, the match-3 puzzle game space has becomes a lot cluttered. If you hope to get the maximum fulfillment in playing a match-3 puzzle, it’s crucial to know which ones are the best.

One of the best match 3 puzzle games that we’ve played so far is called Match 3 Go. This iOS gaming app will certainly glue your hands to your iPhone or iPad, keeping you addicted for hours. The developer team made it with stunning design and clean user interface, requiring only devices with iOS 6.0 or later.

The gameplay of Match 3 go is as fun as it can be, based on diamonds and jewels. The objective is pretty simple – all you have to do is match everything featured in the level you’re playing. There are more than 290 levels which are getting harder and more complex as you play, so you have to show your skills if you want to complete them. You can make it easier if you try combos with more than 3 jewels or diamonds and get higher points to reach higher levels.match-3-go-2

With beautiful effects, eye-soothing graphics and extremely challenging and addictive gameplay, the Match 3 Go awaits your download on the App Store. You can get it for free and share it with everyone around you, of course if you want to share the fun and compete with other users. Click the link below for more information.