Is your selfie game strong enough for Face Up – The Selfie Game?

Great news for anyone who can’t resists a good selfie, because Ubisoft has just launched its brand new mobile game – Face Up – The Selfie Game.

Inspired by other great social media apps, Face Up – The Selfie Game combines your front facing photography skills with your interpretation abilities in this brand new fun filled mobile title.

Play with your mates and choose from a bunch of different themes including occupations, animals, and moods to enact – and when it’s your turn to guess you can unlock loads of cool stickers for every right answer to get.



And it gets better. Once you become an expert player, you can enter the specialist game play modes reserved for only the best players about – meaning you can switch it up a bit and combine multiple themes to make your pictures harder to guess.

If you like to game on the go then you’re in luck too, as you can play on or offline – giving you way more freedom, stopping you from feeling like you’re tied down to an internet connection.

So you want to get in on the Face Up fun, then get over to the App Store or Google Play and download it today.