LiveToday – 24-Hour Countdown Timer & To-Do List


We take our iPhones everywhere we go, and with their powerful processors and 4G capabilities, they can be indispensable as personal assistants and productivity aids. The same thing goes for iPads, especially those with larger screens that leave more room for content creation. From note-taking apps and mobile office suites, to calendars, timers and to-do lists, there are hundreds of productivity apps that you can install now on your iOS device. But how can you know which one of them is truly useful and helpful for your everyday life? How can you be sure which ones are worth a download?

We found one of the best apps in the Productivity category on the App Store, called LiveToday. If you’re looking for a simple productivity hack, this app is a perfect solution for you. Brought to all iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users by the developers over at PAPAFU Limited, LiveToday will make you live every day to the fullest! It is wonderfully designed, with great graphics and simple-to-use interface.

What is exactly LiveToday?

This productivity app is actually a 24-hour countdown and to-do list tool that helps its users to live true to their purpose every day. It is the perfect tool to fight procrastination and to boost productivity. The app contains two main features: a 24-hour countdown timer and a simple to-do list. The timer allows you to see how much time is left today, it doesn’t show the time in the conventional and boring AM/PM format. This way you’ll be able to achieve more by not taking the time for granted. Also, it resets itself every day at your ideal sleep time.  Unlike other to-do lists on the market that require of you to enter all kinds of information about your schedule, this one offers 30 characters for each goal you set. It reminds of a simple post-it note, without the hassle of inputting Who, Where, When, Why or How for each and every task. Your goals will stay on the to-do list until you complete them. They’re easily changeable and customizable as well.

The LiveToday app will remind you of your tasks with encouraging reminders, in order for you to stay on track and maintain your levels of productivity. You can choose your own backgrounds according to your taste and set up a theme that reflects your personality.livetoday-2

Why LiveToday?

Boosting productivity levels and avoiding procrastination has never been easier! With LiveToday you’ll always know that time is flying like a sparkler, which is a great motivation to achieve more. Our final thoughts are that you must check out this one-of-a-kind app for yourself. Download it now, it is free on the App Store!