Offroad 4×4 Car Driving Mountain – Realistic Driving Experience


What is the best mobile driving game? So many elements contribute: they’re not just about graphical fidelity and hair-raising sound design – though both certainly help – they’re about pulling you into the action as if you’re there in the driver’s seat, eyes strained as the asphalt whips past at 240kph. From honing your timing for a perfect gear shift to kicking out the back-end for a sublime drift, a quality racing game just feels right.

So for those of you who are just looking to hop in and fire up the engine of a superb racer, whether that’s an intricate sim or an arcade thriller, there are the hundreds of games to play right now, but not all of them are worth of download. We searched through the App Store in order to find one of the best games that offer realistic driving experience and we’ve discovered Offroad 4×4 Car Driving Mountain.

This iOS game is developed by MH Production and it is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. It only requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. The thing about this game is its overall design – full of realistic physics and marvelous graphics, which is providing with hours of fun time. Now, let’s talk about the game’s features and highlights.

Offroad 4×4 Car Driving Mountain allows you to take control of 9 cars and 2 motorbikes in a huge forest and mountain environment: 16 km² area, 30 km of roads. You can choose from beautiful city cars, offroad cars and speed cars and drive with them through 20 challenging levels. You have to drive according to the integrated map, follow it and find one of the 20 spots to launch your mission. The map is enormous, full of many points of interests, such as cascade and a lake, a Japanese temple, a small airport, different houses and farms, ruins, a camping place, and many more. The roads you’ll be driving are also different, from 2×2 lanes, to very small mountain roads with hill climbs.offroad-4x4-car-driving-mountain-2

Pop in one of these amazing cars, complete the offered missions and have fun by only touching, wheeling and tilting your device. With dynamic camera angles and realistic driving simulator, the Offroad 4×4 Car Driving Mountain can be downloaded from the App Store, free of charge. Get it now and don’t forget to invite all of your friends and family members.