Medusa Street XE Stereo Headset – Review

When it comes to the purchase of a headset; whether for your personal use or you intend to implement it as a new piece of equipment in your business, there are several factors to put into consideration. With a large number of alternatives of headset that flood the market nowadays, however, it may be difficult for you to select a good headset that is best for your particular needs. So, when opting for a good headset, the sound quality produced by the headset should be your primary interest, follow by other qualities which are concerned with design of the device.

With regards to these qualities, Medusa Street XE stereo headset is deemed to be the world most comfortable headset that are basically designed to be used with phones, tablets, media players, PC’s as well as  laptops. In terms of comfort and usability, Medusa Street XE stereo headset stands out of its counterparts and has always been popular, not only because of quality of the audible sound it produced, but also its unique designs. Being a product of the advanced technology, Medusa Street XE stereo headset is equipped with an in-line remote for convenient control of volume and sound levels, in addition to microphone muting. The powerful in-built system of the gadget makes it to produce a first-class stereo sound, and also a quality voice transmission that is not affected by background noise.


Like most headsets, Medusa Street XE stereo headset come in double-earpiece and is designed to be worn on or around the head over a user’s ears. Each arm leading to the earpiece has about 2cm of expansion to accommodate even the largest head!  The main part of the device which consists of headband and ear cups are made of light materials.  The ear cups are designed to sit perfectly around ears without creating much pressure on the ears.  In addition, they are soft and heavily padded to produce a cushion effect that makes the device to be used comfortably even for a long period of time. More so, the closed back design of this device serves as a barrier that blocks the interference of the ambient sound into the device, and also prevent the leakage of sound from the device into open air, thus fulfilling its main function- allow a single user to listen to an audio source privately without disturbing the people nearby.

The portability of the device is also a unique feature that allows it to be carrying around comfortably. The ear cups and the cable can be easily folded making the headset easier to carry around.


The unique features exhibited by  Medusa Street XE stereo headset  makes it a hot cake not only by the common individual but also,   people in various professional contexts,  including  audio engineers ,DJs,  aircraft pilots, call center employees etc.