Trump Rally – Funny iOS Game


Donald J. Trump: billionaire, businessman, 2016 presidential candidate and owner of numerous large buildings with his name stamped on them in a garish, pre-installed Microsoft Word font. What’s not listed in that brief rundown of accolades is the number of games that feature Trump’s name, likeness, beloved hairstyle and verbal excretions. Yes, praise that hub of creativity that is the internet, because an army of coders and satirists have been working hard to turn Trump’s campaign antics into an exquisite array of online games that anyone with an iOS device can play.

We’ve got your back if you’re ever in need of some serious Trumpian stress relief – an incredible game recently launched on the iOS platform, called Trump Rally. Thanks to its developed, we can all now enjoy a fun game on our iPhones and iPads (it only requires iOS 6.0 or later). This wonderfully simple game takes the presidential elections to another level, offering you relaxing time from all that noise and debating. The graphics are fantastic, the user interface is friendly and the gameplay addictive and funny. Let’s talk about it now.

The gameplay of Trump Rally is pretty simple, and it can be played with easy controls. Your main goal is to help Trump get (and say) China while he avoids Hillary Clinton. It is actually a racer game, so you will be driving a car and you will need to show your driving skills to get more Hilarys and Chinas. Show precision, time your moves and plan a good strategy if you want to play longer. All you have to do is tap on your screen and hold the car. The ride is as free as it gets, allowing you to drive in every direction, even backwards when you get stuck with lots of Hillarys around you.trump-rally-2

Show your dedication to Trump, help him win this battle by reaching higher scores. Or help Hilary to destroy him and lose the game, it’s up to you! Completely satiric and providing with hours of fun, Trump Rally is free for download on the App Store. Share it with your friends and family and have fun together during the elections!