BoxOff Opens Up On Android

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle app?  Well, if you discovered one of the more addictive puzzlers to hit the App Store on a friend’s iPhone last year and have been itching to get your own version on Android, the wait is over!  The BoxOff team have released an Android version of their tile-swiping game and we gave it a thorough once-over to see how it performs on the Samsung.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the game, it’s very simple (as the best games usually are); you have to clear your board of tiles and to do this you need to match tiles with their own colours.  So, if you swipe a red tile to cover another red tile, they’ll both disappear.  However, if the rectangle/square that you draw to pair the two tiles has a different-coloured tile in it, you’ll get an eeh-uuuh noise and the tiles will stay where they are.


Trust us, it’s much more fun than this quick description makes it sound.  If you want a tutorial, there’s one right there on the Home screen; it won’t take you long to understand but it could take an eternity to master (especially as there are limitless levels!).

You can choose between a variety of tiles (rectangles, gems, etc.) and you can even change the size of your board for a little variety.  And if you get really stuck, hit ‘shuffle’ and your pieces will bounce around the screen, giving you another bite at the cherry.

The app works well on Android and handles smoothly on my Samsung; I’d love for a few more difficulty levels (I’m getting cocky now), but I’m sure that’s coming up in future versions.  Right, that’s me back to work…where did I put my phone?!

Get BoxOff for your iPhone or Android today.