Mustard – Make Getting Together Easier


We probably all have a number of apps on our phones and tablets that we don’t use very often (if at all). Don’t waste space with useless applications! Now is the time to have a clear out and make way for the best and most useful apps to hit the market this year.

Event planning can be stressful. While you’re wading through endless checklists and last-minute mishaps, it can be hard to make sure you’re on track. Don’t worry, there are many event apps on the iOS platform that can seriously help you out! We’ve put together a list of our favorite apps that every event planner needs to stay afloat, and decided to present to you today only one of them. We’re talking about an app called Mustard, a popular iOS Lifestyle app developed by Mustard Co. It requires iOS 8.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. With it, getting together with your friends and family will never be easier! Easy to use, designed with intuitive user interface, Mustard can help you plan and coordinate events by event-driven location tracking.

We’re sure you’re very familiar with situations when you’re waiting for your friends, sitting on a bar stool alone because they’re late. Why they are late and where are are they? Well, the Mustard app can’t help you fix the late arrivals but it can surely help you discover where they are exactly. This is based on a GPS tracking – it automatically starts tracking their location when the time arrives for the event. You can forget about sending messages like where are you, the app will tell you! You can also create events with Mustard and invite friends in your contact’s list or even from Facebook.mustard-2

All you have to do is download the app and log in. You can log in with your Facebook account or if you don’t want to connect your Facebook with Mustard, you can just register for free by adding your image and your name. Simple as that! Not that the app will never post anything without your permission. Also, you should know that the app uses the GPS of your device which can be very battery consuming, but the developer team works on minimizing the usage and making it more efficient and battery-friendly.

Keep updated with your friends’ locations, communicate and create events in a simple list, organized by time. Download the Mustard app for free from the App Store today and check out its official website for more info.