Capture Those Precious Memories With Baby Skills App

baby-skill-appBeing a parent is a wonderful and amazing experience. You get to see your child grow up into this great human being. It can be a difficult task however to teach your child to be the best they can. There are no books to teach you how to be a parent and you simply have to learn from experience. Other family members my help but it’s just not the same. One of the most important thing during childhood is development. Children go through phases and it’s vital for parents to know how well their child is progressing. When you’re a new parent you get concern about children development because you just don’t know what to expect.

Introducing Baby Skills, it’s the app that allows you track and record every step in your child’s development progress. The appbaby-skills-1 allows parents to compare their child’s development with that of other children at the same age. You can mark your child’s progress against a checklist. Baby Skills let you capture the memories by giving parents the chance to create an online dairy marking the moment your child starts to crawl, walk or even talk. You can then share the moment with family and friends so they too can see just how your child is developing. Because children are forever learning, as a new parent you want to learn with them. The Baby Skills app is convenient and it’s right on your phone so you won’t miss a moment. The app also provides you with personal suggestions to aid your child’s development.

You will have to sign up to get going with Baby Skills, you can do this either through the app or on Baby Skills website. Signing up couldn’t be any easier, you can do so with Facebook or with your email. Once you’re logged in you will have a number of tabs to get you going. The family tab allows you to add your child’s details once that’s done you can start going through the skills, journal and news tab. The skills tab is were it all happens. There are tabs ranging from physical development, personal development, communication, literacy, mathematics and much more. Within those tabs are a brief explanation of the development your child will go and at what age they should be showing the skills.

Baby Skills is free to download. It’s safe and secure for parents to share their child’s progress with friends and family.