Learn English – Kids – Fun Educational App for Children


Mobile digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and even laptops have made it much easier for learners of English as a second language to immerse themselves in constant practice and speed up their learning process. Teachers and learners can find a world of useful apps for every platform to help with such crucial language learning processes as: Vocabulary building, Reading comprehension, Pronunciation and more. Although mobile apps are just part of the picture for learning English, they play a big role in the process by offering entertainment at the same time.

And this is crucial when it comes to children. The best way to engage them in learning a language is by having fun, as we all already know. So, instead of downloading a game for your kids, it is very helpful for you and for them to download an educational app from the App Store. But how can you know which one is worth of download? We’ve done all the work for you and we’ve discovered one of the finest kids’ apps on the iOS platform that provide with English lessons full of fun and amusement.

The app’s name that we’re talking about is Learn English – Kids, brought to our iPhones and iPads by Steve Kim. Both fun and educational, this amazing app only requires iOS 8.2 or later and yours and your kid’s attention. It is filled with lovely animations, tons of features that make the learning process easier and a friendly user interface which offers great user experience. Let’s review the app’s features now.

First of all, Learn English – Kids is a safe way for children to learn English. It features multiple lessons that are created in a step by step manner. At the beginning the lessons are pretty much easy, but as your child advances, it gets harder and more challenging. There are audio files to improve listening skills, text lessons to enhance reading skills, many quizzes to keep up with the fun and the progress, record and compare options to learn speaking skills, every word integrated in the app goes with an image to help with remembering, points, stars, and many more.learn-english-kids-2

We can talk all day about Learn English – Kids, but we highly recommend you to try it and see its impact and influence for yourself. Download it today and start learning with your kid – it is available for free on the App Store!