Wave – The Social Network For Events

Planning an event isn’t an easy task. You will need to find a venue, invite people and make decisions such as who’s going to be on your VIP list. It’s time consuming and requires a lot of effort.

Introducing Wave, the ultimate event planning app that allow you to create and manager an event right from your iPhone. When you create an event with Wave you can and photos, chat and make plans with friends and see who’s attending. Wave is a revolutionary social network app that gets you meeting up with friends. Invitation to your event can be sent directly from the app to all your phone contacts or Facebook friends. You can easily add the location, date and time of your even for all towave see. You can see the guest list so you know who’s going and check them out beforehand. There is real time messaging with-in the app for who’s attending the event and any questions can easily be answered.

Using Wave is easy and convenient. You can sign up with email or use Facebook details to login. You then go ahead and choose your wave title. Select who you want to attend. Tell your friends what the events about, this is where you can also add a cover photo. Tell people when it is and where it is. Before you send the event that you have created you can see a preview to see just how it will look to your guest.

Wave isn’t only for individuals, you can be a business that run events and the app can make your life easier. Thinking of having a party then Wave is a good option to get the invitations out. You can meet new friends or get your old friends together for a night to be remember.

Wave is free to download. No in-app purchases, no ads, which make the app pleasant to use. So what are you waiting for, Wave is your prefect excuse to get the party started.