Stay in Touch with the 1code App


Gone are the days of dusty old address books filled with scribbles and scratched-out contacts in a variety of different colors of ink. Instead, we can keep all of our contacts right on our iPhones and iPads, and updating information doesn’t require a second page. But, with advances in storing contacts comes the woes of managing them.

With more and more functions such as video-playing, video-recording, game playing etc added in the smartphones, it’s easy to forget that your MP3-playing, book reading, web browsing iPhone or iPad is still a cell phone that was originally designed to make phone calls and communicate with your friends and family. Your smartphone manages tons of contacts, so if you feel overwhelmed by how many people you know and all of the different ways in which you can get in touch with them, there is a solution, and we have it right here.

We introduce you 1code, a revolutionary productivity app, one of the finest and smartest phonebook apps ever created. The developers wanted to solve our problems and focused on finding efficient, convenient and simple solution. This is how they’ve created their incredible app, which is easy to use, well-designed and user friendly.

In fact, the 1code app simplifies the way you share, organize, and update your contact information and set up meetings with your contacts. You can forget about the hassle of exchanging mobile numbers, e-mails, business cards, QR codes, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or other social media usernames and links. All you need is 1code – download it, set up your name, your Gmail or your Twitter username and then enter your personal information. You can share customized contact information to different groups of people, whether they are your friends, family or business contact. And when you change some of your contact info, like your number for example, it will change automatically and the people you’ve shared it with will be updated.1code-2

1code features a calendar that you can share with your contacts. This is extremely useful because now anyone you choose can see when you are busy or available. Scheduling meetings has never been easier – there is no need for complications anymore.

1code is a perfect app for students, active networkers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wants to have a simple tool for sharing contact information and setting up meetings, right there in their pockets. Download it today from the App Store and don’t forget to check out the app’s official website and its great YouTube videos.