WhisperMe – Cool & Exciting Word Game


WhisperMe – Cool & Exciting Word Game

Writers and editors are among the most dedicated (read: obsessive) fans of word games. (I play Scrabble once a week — a relatively low frequency that may indicate only a mild addiction.). As most game developed suggest, they enrich your word power, but they’re also fun. And I and all staff members here confirm that. There are lot of entertaining word games out there on the market, especially on the App Store.

The iOS platform is a host of the best word games ever created, but not all of them are great really, which brings us to the confusion of choosing the right one. We have downloaded and tried multiple word games and concluded that most of them are created with the same mechanics, where you guess words presented on a board with tiles. It is time to take this to another levels and try out something different, something called WhisperMe.

This is a mobile version of the popular game we used to play as kids, as you’ll see when you finish reading this article. It is brought to our iPhone and iPad devices by the developer team over at CODEFY SOFTWARE SRL, who managed to create an enjoyable and user friendly game, with great graphics and unique features. Let’s see what the game is about.

We said unique, because we haven’t seen or played another game like WhisperMe. All you have to do is read the lips of the girls who are whispering and guess the word. The words are available on two languages, English and Romanian, so you will experience an adventure through the vocabulary of Romanian and English language and try to guess the words that the developer team prepared for you. Excel in reading lips of a beautiful model and then guess the pronounced words and phrases. You don’t know the answer required of you, and you won’t know the number of letters! But note that you will have three types of hints: one to guess the whole word, one to reveal the first letter or one to tell you the number of letters in the word. Each hint costs differently, so it’s better for you to use them smartly.whisperme-2

You can also ask your Facebook friends for help and in that way invite them to join you on this fun and relaxing adventure. Beautifully designed, with periodic updates with fresh content, the WhisperMe app is free for download on the App Store.