Gaming Across the Ages

While generations may be divided and find it hard to relate on many things, playing games is one thing that people of all ages can agree on and enjoy. Although board games and gaming consoles have their time and place, gaming on iPhones has become much more convenient and popular. Whether looking for a game for your kid or one for your grandma, here are some worth checking out:


Parents, whether they want to or not, often surrender their iPhones to their children for a few hours each day so they can have a little peace and quiet while the kids play games. While some kids may want to zone out to a game with little substance, some educational and interactive games are worth a download.

  • Ubooly: Ubooly is a plush toy described as “a less terrifying Furby and an advanced version of Teddy Ruxpin”. The iPhone is inserted into the toy and becomes somewhat of a homework buddy. Not only can Ubooly teach your child Spanish and science, but it can also help work through math problems. The cost of the plush toy, about $30, may be worth the cost of having a cuddly and tech savvy in-home tutor. Bonus: Your child may have so much fun that he or she won’t even think twice about learning.
  • Moonbeeps: Fireflies: Although nothing can replace the quintessential summertime activity of catching fireflies, Moonbeeps: Fireflies may be a close second. It may sound pretty simplistic, as all the user needs to do is tap on a firefly amidst a screenfull of glowing bugs, but it’s challenging and mesmerizing. Need a quiet game to keep your child calm and busy? Give this one a try, plus, there’s no risk to fireflies captured in a jar.


A typical teen’s life is filled with drama, but a good way to escape it is by taking a break from social media and playing an adventure game (with the right kind of drama). Whether you’re looking for whimsical storylines and graphics or something a little grittier, there are plenty of games to entertain. Some popular picks include Love You To Bits, a “cute” sci-fi adventure filled with puzzles and on the other end of the spectrum there’s The Walking Dead game, based on Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic books. However, unlike the AMC show where the goal is to destroy as quickly as possible, players are challenged with puzzles and exploration (don’t worry, the walkers still die).


Who says that kids should have all the fun? Have a stressful day at work or just want to kill some time while waiting for your appointment at the doctor’s office? Check out these games:

  • Framed: This multi-award winning game is popular among players because the games are short, but fulfilling (perfect for on the go). Described as a “noir-puzzle game where you re-arrange panels of animated comic book to change the outcome of the story”, it may feel a little Hitcockian.

Gambling Games: Do you prefer the slot machine or playing a couple of rounds at the blackjack table? You can never go wrong with a gambling game. The accessibility is so easy that you don’t need to hit up the old brick and mortar casino to have a little fun. Whether you’re showing your elderly relative how to play bingo or participating in sports betting, your gambling game options are endless and a perfect genre for any adult with an iPhone.