Image to Word: One OCR App to Convert Them All

image-to-wordImage to Word is a state of the art OCR converter that found its place in many mobile devices across the world. In July 2016 Cometdocs Inc has released the 3rd version, which included the new user interface, stronger OCR engine than previous versions, and several other new features. If you ever need to convert an image,screenshot or a photo, this should be your go-to choice of apps for several reasons:

  • Image to Word doesn’t have any limitations regarding file size
  • You can convert as many files as you want without having to pay a single dollar
  • This app allows you to convert native images, screenshots and photos as well
  • You can save your battery by minimizing the app while it works

Another amazing thing about Image to Word is that it’s free to download on both AppStore and Google Play Store given that it has both iOS and Android versions. It is rare to see features such as  unlimited file size and unlimited number of conversions offered in many free apps, but those are just some of the great features that Cometdocs developers gifted you with.

Given that the app has an exceptional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine, you can convert both native images and photos with superb quality outcome.

Here’s a 3-step guide on how to convert a photo to Word with this app:

  1. Download it from the app store of your choice and open it on your device
  2. Select the file you want to convert by tapping on Photos for images on your device, or Camera if you want to take a snap on spot (for native images skip to step 3)
    1. Place your document on flat surface
    2. Make sure you have adequate lighting
    3. Take the photo and crop the parts you want converted
    4. Leave it to Image to Word to do everything else for you
  3. Wait for the image to be converter – it will notify you via push notifications when conversion is done!