Challenge Yourself with Circularity


Not everyone wants to commit hours of their day to playing games on their phone. That’s why casual games exist! You can drop in and play whenever you want to at your own pace and be as laid back or as competitive as you want. Most casual games are free, offering in-app purchases and some ads, while a few will cost you a dollar or two, but they’re totally worth it. If you’re looking for some fun or casual games for your smartphone to pass the time, you’re at the right place. With thousands to choose from on the App Store, finding good quality games can sometimes be a challenge.

With that in mind, we had some fun playing around with the very best casual games for iPhone and iPad, games that can keep you entertained at work or sitting on the subway. Obviously everyone likes something a little different, but we think we found a game that anyone would love. This game app that we’re so hyped about is called Circularity, created for both casual and more dedicated gamers. It requires iOS 6.0 or later, it is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, and it dazzles with high quality graphics and fun soundtrack and sound effects.circularity_screenshot_levelselection

Circularity is a simple game that requires skills, timing and precision. Therefore, it is a challenging experience for anyone who plays it. It offers 15 exciting levels, each one of them filled with different features and difficulties. All you have to do is follow a simple navigation mechanic – tap on your screen in order to move your ball towards the exit, avoid all harmful obstacles on your way and don’t forget that the clock is ticking! Race to the exit and get the best timing you can, earn yourself some high scores and compare it with other users on the game’s online global leaderboard.

Try to climb up on the leaderboard and don’t say we didn’t warn you, this game is quite addictive! You can download it from the App Store – it is completely free!