Twisting Snake Pro – The Classic Snake Returns with Modernized Features

When was the last time you played the classic Snake Game? Remember playing Hungry Snake on Nokia 3310? The snake game the whole world used to play? It’s BACK! With brand new looks but the good old fun all over again!

If you feeling nostalgic for retro games or just in search of a simple game to keep the clock ticking, get this totally free Snake Game – Twisting Snake Pro, and dive into the memories of bygone times. One of the best classic games plus a lot of new features.

The gameplay has an extremely simple core mechanic that is easy to understand even if you have not played the old snake game. You need to grow your snake by pick up as many dots as you can, without letting the head of your snake hit other snakes.



The game is simple but very competitive, requires a lot of practice (and a little luck). With the help of accelerate button you can create many tactical moves, like coiling, de-coiling, defensive-cycling, baiting, tailing or even headbutting to smash and eat other snakes. There are no perfect strategies or tricks, but learning those basic moves can help you get started on your quest to become the biggest snake!

Main Features:

  • The modernized remake of classic snake game

Adding a lot of new play styles and capturing the charm of the original game.

  • Various custom skins

Changing your snake skins allows you to be unique and express your individuality.

  • Simple and addictive

The game is very simple but extremely fun and will keep you engrossed for hours.

  • Custom background

Change the game background colour upon your choice.