Discover the Secret to Getting Along with Anyone with PersonalityMatch


Human personality is fantastically complex, which is why personality tests that try to shoehorn a person into binary, defined categories — e.g. thinking or feeling, but not both — are often considered problematic. But there are indeed differences between people that can be tested. Personality tests are great tools for many occasions and situations.

For instance, to those who struggle to get to know someone new, it can seem like those who do it easily have some kind of superpower. With no more than a word of introduction from a mutual acquaintance, they nimbly take charge of the conversation, and have others chatting openly like they’ve been friends for years. If your attempts to get to know someone usually result in averted glances and uncomfortable silences, it can help to have something between you and that other person to take the pressure off. A personality test could be just the tool you need to liven things up, and get that certain someone engaged in conversation.

If you want to discover the secret to getting along with anyone, all you need is a great app to help you out, to be ready whenever you are. And that kind of an app is the one that we are going to talk about today. It is called PersonalityMatch, brought to all iOS users by Online Commerce Group BV. The app is easy to use and is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It provides with free personality test, you can discover your or someone else’s personality type and find out many ways to boost your relationship.personality-match-2

The PersonalityMatch app works pretty simple. All you have to do is install it, take its personality test and then invite your partner or your friends to do the same thing. Then the app will compare both of the personality tests and types and will present to you the compatibility score. It will tell you all about the areas where you two get along, why, the points of possible conflicts, and how to resolve them. There are even better features available with in-app purchasing, like the Career Path test, and many more. Nevertheless, you will have the chance to discover your persona out of 16 different personality types and get a compatibility score with anyone you choose.

If you’re in for a sophisticated personality quiz that will help you improve your relationships with other people, download the PersonalityMatch app for free from the App Store. You can visit the app’s official website as well, for additional info.