Luxury London Hotel Bookings is a Breeze with Montcalm

If you’re tired of the cumbersome user experience that often comes as standard when navigating a hotel’s companion app, then look no further than My Montcalm. If desiring a stay in the lap of luxury within one of London’s many five-star hotels, this app will make staying at a Montcalm establishment a sure decision. For a convenient and painless stay in the English capital, download this app and have all of your accommodation needs taken care of in one place.

Quality is synonymous with Montcalm, and their app reflects this high standard from top to bottom. Booking a room takes place right on the homepage, with a clean layout that’s as easy on the eyes as the bordering slideshow of various rooms within their hotels. Simply put, each page lacks clutter, with elegant designs that fluidly transition from page to page. Clicking on the navigation icon reduces the page you’re on to a window on the right side of your screen. This design is not only a great solution to getting rid of unwanted and messy overlay menus, but also allows you to better keep track of what you were previously looking at.

The comprehensive nature of My Montcalm, along with a clear design philosophy that highlights accessibility, is how the app can be considered nothing less than a resounding success. Nothing within can be described as “bare minimum”, with each page providing invaluable information, while avoiding the pitfall of seeming overwhelming. Browse the rooms and suites available before you book, compare prices, check out the bars and restaurants containing within each establishment, and even keep up to date with the latest offers and packages to make sure you’re getting the upmost value before dropping your cash.


The attention to detail shines through. Along with an inside look at the spa treatments available at the principle Montcalm hotels located near Marble Arch, there is also an ample gallery, highlighting the many hotels and rooms available through high resolution images, both inside and out. Say so long to TripAdvisor; if it’s a five-star hotel you’re after, this is the only app you’ll need to make your dreams become a reality. The consistently slick and reliable qualities that run throughout the app really have no business being as good as they are.

Download the Montcalm app (App Store) to get your Montcalm hotels app (Google Play) and see how effortless it can make your stay today.