Rescue Paws – Search & Rescue Dogs


There is an app for everything. But you already know that, right? iOS users can experience the pros-cons of having a pet, virtually. These apps are designed to reminiscence your childhood. With realistic graphics and animation, the apps give you all that you need for a growing pet. There are hundreds of little games that allow you to take care and hatch egg babies, to pet horses for them to be strong and sturdy, keep a dragon pet, to create your own pet shops, feed and take care of cute cats and dogs, etc. But there is one game app that stands out from the crowd and that’s why we decided to share it with you today.

The name of the game us Rescue Paws, a free-to-play virtual dog training game, which is based on real-life training of search and rescue dogs. Every animal lover will love it, we’re pretty confident in that, but the best thing is that by playing it you give support to actual SAR dog training programs and with every in-app purchase you contribute to support search and rescue dog organizations. Isn’t that marvelous? To learn how to train dogs, to have fun, and to offer your help to dogs that really need it!

The Rescue Paws game is quite addictive. You play as a SAR dog handler who has one job: to take care for and train inexperienced dogs into skilled search and rescue dogs, ready to take on any mission. Your goal is to keep up with the time and tap on your screen to guide your dog along scent trails in Search and Rescue Missions. Also, avoid the obstacles on the way and all distracting squirrels. This way you will learn some skills and be able to participate in SAR Training and Dog Agility contests, you will get higher scores and achievements and reach the top of the game’s global leaderboard.rescue-paws-2

You can also feed, groom, and equip your dog with all kinds of items and goods that can be bought from the in-game store. For example, you can get beautiful collar cools, portable feasts, collar flashes, barkie-talkies, and many more. Download the Rescue Paws game for free from the App Store, entertain and involve yourself in helping SAR Training and search and rescue dog organizations.