Manage Your Expenses Easily with the Pro Expenses App


We all mean well when we plan out a budget, but without discipline, impulse control, diligent logging of your income and expenses — and a keen awareness of how much you can afford to spend — you’ll be hemorrhaging money in no time. Fortunately, whether you’re a high-flyer that needs to maintain an expense report or a student looking to scrimp and save, there are apps that can help you easily set a budget and log your expenses on the go.

One of our personally favorite apps for managing our expenses is the Pro Expenses app. It is available for free for both iPhone and iPad users, mainly with devices with iOS 6.0 or later. The developers, Mendamsoft, created it with smooth controls, with no hidden costs and no subscriptions, which is very rare among apps in this category. Everything is well organized and any user can access the features with an ease.

Pro Expenses is neat and effective management and tracking app with a great set of features. First of all it has a wonderfully designed menu where you can see the main features, such as expense reports, calendar, summary, and send or export. All you have to do is install it and enter your name, last name, job position and add a photo of yourself if you like. Then, you can add your expenses by pre-defined categories: restaurant, hotel, fuel, mileage, parking, tolls, telephone, internet, taxi, etc. or even create your own categories to fit your

You will also be able to visualize your expenses with a calendar view, use the statistics module to easily view your expenses by category, expenses outstanding for reimbursement, create reports by expense type, and even export your expenses. The export can be done in Excel format or via email, including photos in your expense reports if you want.

If you want an effective and powerful expense tracker and manager in your pockets, get Pro Expenses for free from the App Store. It can be used when offline, which is pretty useful when on the go! Don’t forget to share it with everyone around you.