Get Your Driving License with the Driving Test Guide App


When it comes to passing your theory test, you’re in complete control. Unlike in your practical driving test (where anything can happen), you know exactly what’s coming and all you have to do is practice enough. You even get to sit down and take your time, in a nice quiet room. We do advise getting the DVSA book but if you’re out and about most of the time, you can’t beat a theory test app for quick practice. However, when you’ve already passed the theory test, you need to go through the practical one. If you need any help, note that there are a lot of apps – free and not free. How do you pick?

Sure, there are reviews in the App Store, but when it comes to something as important as practicing for the practical test, you need more to go on than ‘This app is good’. So, we decided to test a few out. After trying out some, we’ve picked only one to share with you today, an amazing app called Driving Test Guide.

Passing your UK practical driving test has never been easier, so buckle up for a great way to master all of your DVSA driving test questions. Driving Test Guide is brought to all iPhone and iPad users by Akeeal Mohammed and it only requires iOS 9.3 or later. Plus, it is extremely easy to use, so you wouldn’t have problems managing it.

The Driving Test Guide app is a helpful guide for the UK license test. With it, you will always know what to expect from the instructors and from the practical driving test as well. You will be able to finally understand how the DVSA marks you on your driving test on the DL25 sheet and much more. Everything is quite organized on the app’s home page, so you can easily access each field of the practical test, such as eyesight test, highway code/safety, controlled stop, x left corner reverse, x right corner reverse, reverse park, bay park, vehicle checks, etc. Each field contains everything you need to help you pass and get your license right

The app is updated for the new 2017 driving test and includes Show Me/Tell Me questions and answers section, FAQ section, it records the faults and allows you to learn all routines you need. Downloading Driving Test Guide will definitely help you pass your practical driving test with an ease. Get it for only $1.99 from the App Store and enjoy!