Become the World’s Best Lexophile with Wordaholic


To say that here at iPhoneglance we “heart” word games is as much of an understatement as saying the ocean is a bit wet. Fellow wordsmiths know there are few things better than a good game involving language, but with the App Store brimming with such offerings, which ones do you go for? To save you the trouble of sorting through the hundreds of options, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time searching, downloading and testing (hard life, we know) and we’ve decided to present to you only one, the one that stood out from the crowd.

The game is called Wordaholic, created by Web Media Solutions and designed for both iPhone and iPad. It is one of the most exciting word guessing games anyone can ever experience! Although it was recently released on the App Store, the game is already gaining popularity and receiving many positive reviews. Plus, it dazzles with beautiful HD graphics and very interesting sound effects that will engage you even more.

We couldn’t stop talking about Wordaholic for a long time, that’s how it impacted us and that’s why we’re sure you’re going to love it. The gameplay is simple, yet so challenging – all you have to do is swipe over the letters and guess the word required of you. You have to find words in awesome images and discover words in hidden themes. There are over 160 levels of word puzzles, each one of them created with progressing difficulties. Show your best word guessing skills, find the words and win more levels. You will increase your game IQ and get an interesting “did you know fact” with each completed quest. This makes the game both educational and entertaining. Additionally, you will be enabled to use hints that can help you with the word guessing.wordaholic2

With wonderful graphics, typography and color selection, designed with smooth and intuitive user interface and highly addictive gameplay, the Wordaholic game is free for download on the App Store. Get it today and experience a new, fun and useful way of guessing words!