Book A Boutique London Hotel With Park Grand

From their renowned Edwardian edifices, to hotels with a uniquely modern flare, Park Grand’s four-star hotels are as distinct as they are luxurious – characteristics also found within the Park Grand companion app. Whether you’re staying near Heathrow, or somewhere in London’s West End, this is the only app you’ll need to make your stay as effortless as possible. “It’s boutique… it’s unique” is an operating slogan not simply limited to their hotels, but through every facet of the company – including this app.

It’s all too common for relevant and necessary information, key for each visitor’s ideal hotel experience, to get lost within apps housing a messy and complicated user interface. Accessibility was a clear priority when designing the Park Grand app. Each page draws your eye to the appropriate section, often complimented by impressive imagery to really get a sense of the rooms and hotels on offer. From the homepage it’s possible to arrange a tailor-made stay; a short transition away allows you to compare the prices throughout each of the numerous hotels

Moving from page to page within the app is a silky venture, never becoming overwhelming or bogged down with layers of undesirable bloat or easily dismissed details. On the contrary, that attention to detail is what sets this app apart from many of its contemporaries. The app not only allows you to book and modify reservations, but gives you the ability to explore the many facilities available at a Park Grand hotel. From bars and common areas, to fine dining restaurants, each aspect of your stay is covered within the digital companion.

Park Grand

The app’s presentation raises the bar, and completely goes above and beyond what is standard practice for other apps of this nature. Whether you’re going from a page designated to saving you money through special offers and packages, or browsing the collection of high resolution images found within the app’s gallery – visually showcasing the wares in store at any number of Park Grand hotels, the intuitive design is exceptional. Proceeding to tap the navigation icon conveniently located on each page reduces the size of the page you’re on, moving it to the side; this allows each user to see the many options available, while still being able to view your current location.

The features weaved throughout the Park Grand app are as sophisticated as they are valuable. Truly, the only downside to using the app is that it’ll mean using similar apps in the future will be a disappointing event, swiping around as you reminisce about the days when your entire hotel needs fit together oh so seamlessly.

Travel over to the App Store to get the Park Grand hotel app today to download it for free; or hit up Google Play!