In the Market for a New Home, Then Try Home on App for iPhone

home-on-appBuying a house is a big commitment and also a lot of responsibilities. From bills to home improvement it’s really not for the faint hearted. However if you want to grow your family you have to set all the negatives aside and just go ahead with it. We you’re looking for somewhere to buy it’s never always easy. You can get a lot of different apps to help you search the market and they all offer something different. One app that I have come across is call Home On App.

Home On App is a free app that allows you to browse through a list of properties available on the market. Not only that, you can also use the app to get different services. From electrician to plumber to even construction workers you can hire people directly from the app to help improve and repair your home.


The app is fairly easy to use. You can search properties and services by tapping on the relevant tab once you launch the app. You then have the option of listing your own services or listing properties for sale or Let. Once you’re in the search property tab you can make adjustment to what you’re looking for. So if you want to purchase a property then hit the buy button, select the property type from either apartments, commercial building, detached house, linked or semi-detached house. You then scroll to select your budget and then the number of bedrooms you are looking for. You can even select the square feet of the built-up area. Also if it’s furnished or not. Tap the search button and you will get a list of houses that would suit your needs that you selected. If you have a property to sell or Let then listing it is just as easy. You will be able to add pictures and details. The keen thing is you will not have to use an agent. When you require a service you can get a profile of the maintenance person and it allows you to contact then via call or text. The person provides their rate per hour as well. If you are a maintenance person and you offer any service, then it’s a good app to list them on. Even if you’re a handy man then you can probably get some extra work.

Home On App is free to download and is available both on iTunes and Google Play store. At the time of writing this article the app didn’t really have much services or properties to offer but it is growing slowly and it should kick off once a few more people starting using it. Have a go and see what you think.