Shaftesbury Reduces Hassle When Booking London Hotels

How many times have you fallen foul of a company advertising their app as the best thing since sliced bread, only to discover an unintuitive mess upon clicking that shiny new icon on your phone’s screen? Hotel chains are no exception to this, but the Shaftesbury app aims to change all that. If you’re looking for a wonderful three or four-star London vacation where all your specifications are met, then moving from one travel advisor to another can now become a thing of the past. Shaftesbury has all your accommodation needs covered in one place.

Booting up the app, it wastes no time in greeting you with its services. Almost instantaneously your eyes will be drawn to a pleasing showcase of high quality images, establishing both the hotels’ common areas, as well as the rooms/suites themselves. An elegantly laid out facility to book a variety of rooms is available directly underneath. Once your options are selected, a smooth transition will allow you to compare prices, and tailor your stay based on the exact conditions you desire. And modifying your reservation is just as easy.


Shaftesbury is known for taking underperforming properties and transforming them into some of the most well regarded establishments in London. This is reflected throughout their app. Each pixel of the screen is used with purpose; shifting with each click, providing a clean layout for each of its many services. A navigation symbol is ever present on each page, guiding you from booking, to exploring the rooms and suites, to getting detailed information regarding the bars and restaurants found within each hotel. This level of detail is also complimented by a plethora of high resolution images found within an in-app gallery.

This may all sound somewhat by the book, but I can assure you it’s anything but. Take the app’s animations for example. Clicking on the navigation tool doesn’t simply bring up an overlay of an unwelcomed eyesore of a menu; it shrinks the current page you’re on, moving it off to one side, allowing you to explore the other page options while not losing track of where you just were. It’s a small touch, but many of these add up to greatly improve the overall user experience.

The most commendable thing I can say about the Shaftesbury app is that while using it for extended periods of time, my actual cognizant use of it faded into the background. Its pleasantry is as consistent as it is functional – and that is a very good trait indeed.

Head over to the App Store or Google Play to get the Shaftesbury app today for free.