Push Cardz, The Easy Way to Save Business Cards – Review

push-iconEvery company owner need a business cards. It is one of the ways to get yourself promoted and contacted. Your business card will have your registered address, phone number, company logo and even your social media profile. Well gone or the days when you walk around with a pack of business cards. Nowadays you can have it all digitally on your iOS or Android device so you can easily share and get contacts from colleagues and clients with business cards.

Push Cardz help you with the organisation and makes adding a business card easy. Have multiple business cards at your fingertips if you are travelling and need the ability to issue cards for different businesses. No need to go through trying to find the right card. The app allows to have an unlimited amount of cards with you at all times and that’s without walking around the extra paper work. The app also allows you to receive cards from clients and save them to your contact. The great thing the business cards are in alphabetical order so you can find them easy. The neat feature of Push Cardz is the option to designpush-1 your own business card directly from the app.


The app is easy to use, simply open the app and press the share button to send your contact to other people using the app. To get started you will have to give the app permission to use your location, this is how you will be able to exchange contacts. For the first use of the app you will need to add a card. If you already have a business card then the app will attempt to retrieve any card stored with your email. If there isn’t any card linked to your email then you can begin editing and designing one from the app. I like the tutorial that you are greeted with once the app is open. This walks you through and introduce you to the different menus and how to get things done.

Push Cardz is simple and easy to use. It isn’t revolutionary but it keeps you organised and clean. The app is free to download and there isn’t any adverts which is always a bonus. Simple, clean and useful interface. Give it a try, it is worth it.