Have Relevant Answers From 100k+ US and UK Doctors With HealthTap

healthtapHealthTap is an app that already attracted millions of users in US. From recently it is available for UK doctors as well, and at its core this is one of the best live doctor consultation apps available on the App Store. Let’s see why and how our readers can benefit from it.

Why use a live doctor consultation app?

These apps, and HealthTap in particular as one among the best, enable you to talk to a U.S. board-certified physician for common illnesses and health related issues like sinus and ear infections, sore throats, and skin problems, 24/7. With few taps you will have access and opportunity to ask what you want to ask in order to treat your condition or find a solution to your problem.health2

HealthTap features

HealthTap has pretty much all the needed features to enable a flalwless live doctor consultation. You can use the app as a patient or regular user, or you can sign up as a doctor to give others live consultation.

You can get consultation via a text, call or video chat. Testing the app gave us a feeling like the team from HealthTap got things right. The connections are stable, and the doctors are responsible and respond in reasonable time frames. You need to do smart search however to find the best doctors.

At the end of the day this app can be also labeled as a social network where doctor and patients meet to help each other. It can save you a lot of time and money in terms of going back and forth to the doctor. It is especially great for minor and not so dangerous conditions that can be solved in your own home. It is no wonder that the app is receiving great feedback from its users and in many other media outlets. Try it and have it on your phone, you will make use of it at some point!