Discover Local Nightlife And Find Pubs & Bars Nearby With Randow Free

randow-appWhenever I go on holiday I love exploring the local bars and nightclubs it’s a must for a young person such as myself. It’s a great way to meet new people and get a full experience of what the locals get up to. However there are times when the hotels I’m staying just doesn’t offer a leaflet with the best bars and clubs and if they do then it’s normally the expensive, sophisticated ones. Now you can go on the adventure yourself with Randow.

Randow allows you to fully immerse yourself into the nightlife of whatever city you might be visiting. From Glasgow to London, you will easily find a place where you are sure to enjoy some good company and most importantly a good drink. Let the app know how far you would like travel and it will give you directions to a great night out. You will surely impress your friends when you find that club that’s seriously hot, busy and cheap drinks.


Randow is fairly easy to use. Once the app is loaded you can tap on where to drink. Select either bars, pubs or nightclubs and shake your phone or click search to find one nearby. The app will load with somewhere to go. This loads on a map and you have the option of getting directions. The app also tells you the name, address and the rating out of 5 stars of the specific pub, bar or club that pops up. Not happy with the selection it’s given you then tap the ‘try again’ button. In the settings menu you can select the distance of where you which to travel to find the venue. You can also see a few cocktail recipes in settings if you wish to just stay in and enjoy  your own company.

Randow is a to the point and simple app. If you require a place to get a good drink then why not give it a try. The app is free to download and there are no in-app purchases or adverts, which is always a bonus. Try it out on your next holiday.