Heyy Review – Make A Great First Impression With A Stunning Contact Sharing Social App

heyySharing contacts nowadays is usually done either by business card, which is becoming dated and bit boring, or by “find me on” or “write me on” email, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. There are also some apps that are offering contact details sharing, but the majority of them require both users to have the same app in order to exchange contacts. Somewhere in between comes Heyy.

Heyy is a digital contact card that enables you to choose, which contact you share. This gives you ability to send a Facebook profile contact to a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or a LinkedIn profile or business email to a possible new partner or customer.heyy2

The best thing about Heyy is that it is so intuitive and that all of your contacts can be shared via AirDrop, text or email. This means that things are really fast and dead-simple, which especially important when doing business networking and attending huge industry events.

You can customize your contact details at any time and the app will help you add context to your contacts and always remember who and why you added that particular contact.

The app features an amazing and light design. Everything on it is seamless and intuitive, and this is again another huge pro of using Heyy. It is almost as easy as giving your printed business card, but Heyy contacts will never get lost!

Reasons we loved Heyy:

  • easy to use
  • customizable
  • beautiful
  • other users don’t need to have the app installed, contact details can be shared via AirDrop, email and text
  • you get reminders about certain contacts i.e how you’ve met

The app is confidently progressing on the charts and you can easily download it for free from the link bellow. Never worry about first impression or relevant contact sharing ever again.

App Store Download Link: Heyy – Start Sharing