Play Match Maker with Spritzr App


The new dating app, Spritzr, is one of the most unique dating apps available today. It not only allows singles to find a date, but it also allows those who have already found love to play match maker with other singles using the app. It can be downloaded as an Android dating app or as a dating app for iPhone lovers, making it something anyone can use, no matter which type of phone they prefer.

Using Spritzr to Find True Love

Spritzr is unlike any other Android dating app or dating app for iPhone. It allows people who are not seeking a date to help match up those who are. Basically, when you sign up as attached, you get to go in and see the profiles of people who are seeking quality dates. You can read what they like and don’t like, and what they want out of life. Then, you can match them up with other people using Spritzr who have the same qualities listed in their profiles and who share the same basic geographic location. The more matches you make successfully, the more Karma you get and the more people are going to take notice of the matches that you suggest.

Spritzr lets you take the lives of others and see if you can help make them just a little bit brighter. Go through profiles, match up people you think would be compatible, and see what happens. You may end up with a really good reputation for matching people, and could end up with a lot of friends asking you to find them their next date. It is even something you can do with your significant other. See which one of you is the better match maker by downloading and giving Spritzr a try today!