Improve your relationships with LuvLinx

luv-linxWouldn’t it be great to be able to give your special ones a precise road map to love you? You can now achieve that with the new iOS social networking and relationship app LuvLinx. The ultimate goal of the app is to help you improve your relationship and more importantly improve them on long term!

It is a new, fun, unique relationship app that allows users to connect and understand what makes the other smile and happy.

It can be the key app to help you learn, connect and loveluvlinx

LuvLinx determines each user’s way of being loved and then makes suggestions to those they are linked with as to how they can better connect with them in the relationship in a fun and exciting way!

Why have the people you care about guess what you want done or what you love when the LuvLinx app can tell them for you? LuvLinx is your key to link with others, learn exactly who they are and then love them just as they need to be loved.

It’s a tracker too

LuvLinx is also a relationship tracker. It tracks each relationship’s activity and with the unique concept features like the clue ins (which are ideas that other people can see how to satisfy you) you can track the good you do and the good that’s done for you.

How it works?

The app has a special dashboard with each of your desired contacts. They see your clue ins and do’s and you can see theirs. The clue ins are a trademark feature of LuvLinx and represent clues that are part of your character and describe what you want in one relationship.

The goal of the app is to mutually do things that are loved by the other person. In that way the relationship will shine and constantly improve. The app is free and it can really be the concept you needed for your relationships!