StopSmoking – Endless Runner That Can Help You Quit Smoking

stop-smoking-2For anyone that smokes and wants to quit smoking, it is still an everyday struggle, and probably will be for a long time. There are different methods to stop smoking, but none of them includes playing and endless runner game. Itss quite easy to quit smoking with the StopSmoking game. The developing team worked really hard and the game is designed in such a way that it will probably motivate you to succeed to achieve your goal.

About the Game

StopSmoking is an endless runner type of game. But the game is based on a proven therapy CBM to overcome unhealthy addictions like the smoking. Thus the game requests from the player to collect healthy objects and dodge the objects related to smoking. As you play there will be tips to reduce cravings.stop-smoking-21

In that way whenever you feel craving for a cigarette jut take out your device and open up the app. The background of the app is selected to give you the cool and fresh feeling and it makes your mind to think how beautiful it is to breath in air and experience a healthy environment with healthy lungs.

You just have to avoid hitting smoking related things and the goal is to collect the healthier things. Thus, the game tends to create positive mindset. If you accidently collect the smoking related items, your game is over. This also tries to give the player a psychological message about dangers that are made to your life by smoking a cigarette.

You do not have to pay for StopSmoking. This is a free and an entertaining game with beautiful design and simply a joy to use. Get it today and stay healthier.