Word Roundup Stampede is a particularly unique word game

Word Roundup Stampede was created by David L. Hoyt who is probably the puzzle world’s equivalent to the literary world’s Shakespeare. He is the world’s most syndicated word puzzle creator and his games appear in over 650 newspapers across the world. Some of his past games, which you may have already come across, include Word Roundup, Jumble, Just 2 Words, and Word Winder to name a very small selection. His latest offering is a twist on his incredibly popular Word Roundup and takes a fresh new approach to the crowded market of word puzzle games.

First and foremost the app is free, so if you’re looking for a great new game and don’t want to shell out the cash for it this is for you. Given the name you’d be right in assuming that the game has a Western theme, but don’t worry if you don’t know your rodeo clowns from your lassos, as the words within the game aren’t complicated terms found only in the Wild West, they’re everyday words that we all know. The Western vibe to the game, including the music and lasso effects when you find words give it a fun twist on your classic basic word search games. It also adds to the sense of urgency and adventure as you hunt through to find your words.

How it works

This game differs a lot from other word search games you may have come across in the past. There is a 7 across and 7 down letter grid making up a total of 49 individual letters. Each letter within the grid is connected to a word, and letters where appropriate can be used more than once. Unlike a lot of word games you don’t have a word list that you can hunt words down from. You’ve really got to use your mind and identify them within the grid. This makes it a little more challenging than your average word hunt game but it gives you a greater sense of accomplishment and there is a lot of fun to be had from tracking these words down.  If you’re struggling to find a word the all-important middle square in the grid is identified by a sheriff’s star and it’s your lifesaver when you’re looking to make up your word list as it is wild and can be used as a substitute for any letter.

There is a nice added bonus of Hoyt Hint, which will give you a clue at the top of the screen in a Jeopardy-esque style allowing you to hunt down the letters and fill in the blanks simplifying some of the more complex words and saving you when you’re struggling. Another great feature is the speaker mode, where the game will speak the answers you find and even narrate the action if you choose to take on a friend in multiplayer action.

As you progress through puzzles you are awarded coins that can be used to unlock more puzzles, the first 10 are fully accessible and quite challenging, but as you earn coins there are 200 total puzzles available. If you don’t want to wait, you can buy coins to advance through the game.

Word Roundup Stampede is available on iOS, Android & Amazon devices and you can play it either single or multiplayer across phones, tablets and computers. It’s an incredibly fun and addictive game perfect for any word puzzle fanatics out there and it’s guaranteed to give you hours of entertainment.