HYPNOS- A Mobile Way To Relax Your Mind Anywhere

If you want to enjoy hypnosis and ready to begin your journey for hypnotizing adventure that can free you from all the anxieties. So, we are here to invite you to give your mind a break, and plunge into our review about recently developed game HYPNOS with soothing hypnosis, calming background music, and stunning graphics.

HYPNOS is mind spinning arcade type of game with a story of creature that passes through a path with hypnotizing circles and other hypnotizing effects and you have to control him in a way to save his life and keep him on way to his journey. To save the life of that snake like creature you aim is to save him from obstacles that are in the form of square boxes or lines that are moving randomly here and there with different colors except black and white.

You can select two different playing modes that can be selected from the home screen. The controls are simple and one-touch controls you have to swipe your screen in the direction in which you want that creature to lead. The levels are self-generated and the game play is never ending. The score start generating as you start the game. The game gets over if you hit any of the obstacles except that one in black or white which only divide your concentration.

There is no better way to improve your brain activity other than HYPNOS. The game enhances your focus and sharpens your mental ability. In addition, it’s a truly quick-paced game and doesn’t let your brain sleep for even a second. A clear mind is just one download away. Download today for you iOS device.