Random Tweets – The Best App for Every True Twitter Fan

For the ones that love Twitter and are looking for a fun and random app for having fun, we have a great entertainment app that is focused on randomness and Twitter. That makes it equally exciting and interesting. Random Tweets features a marvelous, simple concept that will continuously supply you with great tweets that will not only make you laugh, but can also be smart and touching quotes that you can re-share.

Random Tweets shows the best tweets which are carefully selected. It makes the whole Twitter experience much more entertaining! It was released last month, but recently the developing team of Tanja Stular published an update that improved the app further, adding new night mode, bigger pictures and option to zoom into the photos for better viewing options.
The purpose of Random Tweets app is to get funny, weird and interesting tweets so you can enjoy your social media experience. The neat design and lovely typography are making Random Tweets even a more enjoyable experience.

The app has a very simple navigation and you can access all app features with absolute ease. All you need to do is enjoy the great amount of entertaining Twitter content. To browse through the random great tweets, you can just scroll up for more fun.


Standout features of Random Tweets:
– You can pick between trending and random tweets

– Get the updated tweets by just scrolling down

– Set the time interval if you need these tweets to be scheduled

– Share the best tweets as you want
– Very smooth app
We can guarantee that if you love Twitter, you will love Random Tweets. You don’t need a Twitter account to use the app! It is free and available on the App Store!