EaseUS The Free Data Recovery Software to get Back Lost Data

It’s 2017 and like last year we like to keep our data safe. That will include, photos, videos, apps, contacts and more. However it’s not as easy to keep data safe and sometimes accident happens, it’s just part of life. We probably have more important files and data now than ever before. We tend to keep our files on different storage devices, either that be our phones, USB drive, hard drive, memory cards and more. However there are times when our hard drive might get damage, operation system crash, virus attack or even deleting things accidentally. Luckily, we have free data recovery software available and one such software is EaseUS.

EaseUS is a software that that recovers data that’s been accidentally deleted or lost, wether that’s from your laptop, mobile phone or external devices. This is all done in three easy steps, launch, scan and then recover what you have lost. There is a saying, whenever you delete something it’s never always permanently deleted and to an extent in a way it’s a good thing because losing the family photo from 4 years ago does not got well with the wife (believe me I have been there). It’s a must to be able to get stuff back quick and easy without anyone even realising.

Launching EaseUS data recovery software is easy. Start either a quick scan to get things going automatically or you can do a deep scan to get lost files that are deemed inaccessible or hidden. Once the scan is complete you will be able to preview the files and then simple click on the one you require and click the ‘recover’ button. You will then have the option to save the file again.

EaseUS is available for both Windows and Mac computers and like I mention is free to download. There are paid versions available, the Pro cost $69.95 and Pro+WinPE version is $99.90