Never leave a place without your personal belongings with Don’t Leave it! app!

Are you constantly leaving home without everything you need? Do you forget your lunch and your classroom keys on a regular basis? Don’t worry you are not alone! We have all been through that at least once!

When you think about it, it’s so easy to forget the essentials for the day when you go to work or you have too much on your mind. But, today we have an app that will remind you to always take your items and never forget anything. Don’t Leave it! Remember to take your stuff! That will let you be extremely cautious, and the whole software is based on patent pending technology.

Don’t Leave it! Remember to take your stuff! actually works as an assistant and will take care for your personnel belongings that you don’t want to forgot when you leave your current place. It doesn’t require any extra hardware. Just pick an item from the predefined items in the app or if it is not there just create a customized item in few clicks and set a reminder about that item.

How it works?

The app uses GPS technology and a pedometer sensor as well to track your location and uses the push notification when you leave that place. Just set the steps that how far you can walk away before getting an alert for the item that can be your umbrella at the café, a ring at the washroom or a passport or plane tickets at home when you leave for airport.

Don’t Leave it! Even works if you have no signal or if you are able to use your mobile data. It uses pedometer to track your steps before you leave your present location.

The app holds much more beauty inside it. Download it to forget being frustrated and never get you belongings being lost.