Tiltspace offers unlimited Puzzle action for all iOS shoppers

If you enjoy puzzle games on the App Store & Google Play because they allow you to immerse yourself in something other than the real world for just a little while then you’ll definitely like Tiltspace. It was created by Logicnap, mobile game development company focused on making a series of logical puzzle games.  Tiltspace is a fun puzzle game that’s definitely challenging your brain for hours on end. It’s always a pleasure to find a puzzle game that’s both fun and challenging and is absolutely free for download on the App Store & Google Play.

Tiltspace starts as a classical puzzle game where you have to pass from one level to another one. But that is just from the first glance. When you progress the game you’ll see that some Tiltspce levels are really hard. Taking into consideration that game features more than 100 levels that seems extremely challenging. The rules of the game are quite simple. To win the game, the player has to swipe the screen to roll all the coloured balls to their matching goals while keeping the enemy away from the goal. The score is calculated from the moves made as well the time you spend to pass the level. As you progress the game stages get harder and harder. If you’re stuck then Tiltspace can help you with a hint and lets you earn additional hints by watching sponsored videos.

Tiltspace is a decent effort to create an addicting and challenging puzzle game. If you are already fan of such game titles, this one is sure to be a favorite.Tiltspace is available to download from the App Store & Google Play for Free and is universally compatible with iPhone, iPad & Android devices running on 4.0.3 and up. We think that Tiltspace worth downloading and anyone who is a fan of puzzle games genre should consider giving it a try. The game offers hours of fun and players can always improve their score and pass to next more complicated levels.